DATE: Therd Friday of Decemberr (16 Dec 2022) 1600 - 1700 UT

Sponsor: AGB (Activity Group of Belarus).

The object of the Contest: Licenced amateurs radio worldwide and SWL;


TIME: 1600 - 1700 UT;

BANDS: 40m + 80m

MODE: CW, SSB, Digital;

FREQUENCIES: CW (3510 - 3555); SSB (3700 - 3750) - recomende; Pilot frequency (for Pile-Ups before Contest): CW-3540, SSB-3720

REPEAT: Each 15 minutes (12 periods) you can make CW-QSO and SSB-QSO with every station.
Also you can make QSO Digital-Digital other modes (FT8, FT4, JT65, T10, RTTY45, RTTY75, BPSK31, BPSK63, BPSK125, QPSK31, QPSK63, QPSK125, MFSK, HELL, SSTV ...).
There are periods :
1600 - 1614, 16 - 1629, 1630 - 1644, 1645 - 1659,

ENTRY: for AGB-members
AGB-MIX - Single Operator MIXED (CW+SSB, 40+80m)
AGB-CW - Single Operator CW
AGB-SSB - Single Operator SSB
AGB-80 - Single Operator 80m
AGB-40 - Single Operator 40m
AGB-Digi - Single Operator Digital
AGB-QRP - Single Operator QRP (Max 10W - and you must send information of your ANT, POWER, PA, ATU)
AGB-MO - Multi Operator
AGB-FT8 - Single Operator FT8
AGB-FT4 - Single Operator FT4

for NOT AGB-members
SO-MIX - Single Operator MIXED (CW+SSB, 40+80m)
SO-CW - Single Operator CW
SO-SSB - Single Operator SSB
SO-80 - Single Operator 80m
SO-40 - Single Operator 40m
SO-Digi - Single Operator Digital
SO-QRP - Single Operator QRP (Max 10W - and you must send information of your ANT, POWER, PA, ATU)
MO - Multi Operator
SO-FT8 - Single Operator FT8
SO-FT4 - Single Operator FT4


EXCHANGE: No AGB member stations - RST + number of QSO ( 599-001 );

AGB member station - RST + number QSO + AGB-number ( 599-001/60 or 599-001-A60 );

FT8 & FT4 station - typical QSO without number;

SCORING: Each QSO in your continent - 1 point, with other continent - 3 point,

Each QSO with AGB member give 5 points (Contest number /AGB-club-number);

FT8 & FT4 station - 1 QSO = 1 point;

MULTIPLIERS: Each AGB mebmer and each new country (DXCC-, WAE-list).

LOGS: logs schould be in Cabrillo-format send by E-mail or
Don't Use email - email server by incorrectly work with several Servers in WEB. There are misstakes in confiruration.
Also you can send log by post A4-format (the IARU R1 standart): Igor "Harry" Getmann, EU1EU, P.O.Box 143, Minsk 220005, BELARUS. The target date for 4 week.

Contest LOGs you can write by Cabrilio or other Contest Formats.

N6TR = Config for N6TR (TNX UA4LU)

UA1AAF = Software UA1AAF for AGB Contests

TR4W = Config for TR4W of UR7QM

AGB-Party faily naxodiatcia v arxive VDU radijo kluba. AGB-Party.udc AGB-CallHistory.txt Primecanie: 1. Eta Versija prednaznacena dlia ucastnikov : 'not AGB member'. (cabillo log generiruetsia bez sent nr AGB, tolko sent poriadkovyj nomer qso) 2. AGB-Party.udc sleduet ispolzovat s poslednimi versijami N1MM == TNX - Augis /LY4K/ ==

DIGI from Les G4OGB

Remarks: CW contacts in SSB portion of the bands and SSB contacts in CW portion are not allowed.

SWL Info: Same rules as transmitting section (Call of one of correspondent must be write not more 5 times in 15 minutes period).


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