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This periodical began to leave since 1999. Periodicity 6 times per one year. Volume 16-20 pages of a format 4. A black-and-white seal. We have also a variant of the edition with a colour cover. Numbering of pages - through.

This first edition in the countries of C.I.S. (ex USSR) of such type.

The conditions (and image whenever possible) diplomas of the countries of C.I.S. and diplomas of many countries are published in the bulletin.

It is a good opportunity of advertising of your Diploma among the amateurs radio of the countries of C.I.S. and as among the subscribers from other countries. For today the bulletin have received and receive in the following countries: DL, ES, EU, F, G, JA, LY, OE, RA, RA9, SM, SP, S5, UA2F, UR, USA, VE, YL, 4X.

We do not put the purpose to prevent or to compete to such publications or programs on distribution of the information, as DIG, K1BV, 10-10, YB0WR We want to help the one who has no InterNet and tests information "famine". There are many amateurs radio from ex USSR.

You can send a condition of your Diploma to the address or by post-mail (EU1EU) and also its image. We necessarily shall place it in our edition and we shall send you release with its conditions. Correspondence you can conduct also on or by post-mail (EU1EU).

This Bulletin not publish now ...

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