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This periodical began to leave since 1994. Periodicity 1 time per one month. Volume 8-10 pages of a format 4. Density - 120 88 symbols on page. It was equivalent to 20-25 pages of a format 4. The edition left only in Russian. In a selection information, make into page, copying and dispatch was engaged Igor EU1EU (ex UC2ABO).

Then the edition make into page also was issued in a format 5, that considerably has improved it.

The interest to the edition was very large. A subscription from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. It was understandable - in the bulletin there were many sections. It is a calendar of competitions, condition of the largest competitions, results of several competitions, where the successes of the members of club, DX'ing Information, QSL Information, News of clubs, technical novelties and designs, circuit and printed-circuit-boards of devices, clause of the amateur radio, design of aerials, rate of the English language for the amateur radio were necessarily marked.

Unfortunately, who is engaged in publishing knows, that quantity(amount) of the subscribers now is sharply reduced. Many pass in InterNet. This correct and reasonable change in our life. Therefore edition of this bulletin also comes to an end. The bulletin will leave still as a selection of the operative information. But the translation of this edition in InterNet, will be more reasonable. Now I form a database for those who would like to receive this edition through InterNet. Certainly it will be free-of-charge. The address for your letters or

This Bulletin not publish now ...

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