The given bulletin is intended, first of all, for operative informing of those amateur radio, who has no the Internet. The information contains the review of news under the Internet, round tables in an ether and post correspondence. A part of the information in Russian, and part in English. As the practice - many shows, who is engaged CONTESTing, are familiar even a little with English language.

Calendar of competitions, condition of the largest competitions and small results. Whenever possible review of results and competitions.

The bulletin has a format 4. The bilaterial seal and volume changes from 6 up to 8 pages. One time per one month leaves.

Taking into account small circulation of the bulletin the alternative or brief edition in Russian will be will be distributed through the Internet for a russian audience. It is the good plan for the future.

However today part of the information is told on Round Tables of club. It is one of the grown most fond variants of distribution of the information in Belarus.

Behind the additional information address to EU1EU ( or ).

This Bulletin not publish now ...

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