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of Activity Group of Belarus international amateur radio club

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Special memorable Award "AGB-KUPALLE-2016"

At the end of June - the beginning of July, Kupalle (Kupala Day & Night) is traditionally celebrated. And our Club is established the new Memorable Diploma of "AGB-KUPALLE-2016" (AGB-KUPALLE-2016).

It is possible to execute this Memorable Award only within a week where there is a Kupalle (Kupala Day & Night) - in 2016 it is 04-10.07.2016

Conditions of implementation of this Memorable annual diploma following:

During Week ( with Kupalle - Kupala Day & Night) it is necessary to make 9 QSO(HRD) with radio stations or various operators of club stations of the world. You must have had minimum 1 QSO with BELARUS (EW), RUSSIA (RA), UKRAINE (UR), POLAND (SP).
For SWL. 9 HRD with any countries and minimum 1 HRD with BELARUS (EW), RUSSIA (RA), UKRAINE (UR), POLAND (SP).

Format of this award - PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or JPG.
Award "AGB-KUPALLE-2016" is free.

Your application (LOG-extract, GCR-list application, TXT, DOC(ms-word), XLS(ms-excel), CBR(Cabrilo)) send to Igor EU1EU-OK8EU (email eu1eu@mail.ru or eu1euster@gmail.com)

Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award.
E-mail: eu1eu@mail.ru
URL: http://www.ev5agb.com
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

Updated: July 09, 2011

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