Activity Group of Belarus

AGB is a group of active radio amateurs, not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.
The task of the AGB is to encourage its members to achieve maximum results, by widely publicizing their results in various areas of HF-amateurism and providing them with methodological assistance.
The main areas of the club's work are: Contest, DX-ing, Award (hunting for awards).
AGB has the following programs:
1. Contest ("AGB-NEMIGA", "AGB-PARTY", "AGB-NYSB-NewYearsSnowBalls").
2. Award (about 300 diplomas and about 30 Trophy).
3. DXing (Diplomas, Trophy with DXing) and AGB-DX-Rating.
4. A unique program for DXing - 5/9 BAND DXMAN series, includes the Award Series and Trophy series.
5. Award program "AGB GAME SEASONS" for the promotion of work with AGB-members annually in different seasons of the year.
6. Annually new Memorable-commemorative awards are issued in QSO with Dates and Events.
7. Days of activity on the air with new awards are being held.
8. Preparation and distribution of periodicals: "AGB-Internet-Bulletin" "AGB-DX-News", "AGB-Award-Bulletin", "AGB-Contest-News", "AGB- Info-Bulletin " (* paused).
9 Carrying out of ratings: "AGB-DX-Rating", "AGB-Award-Rating" (in the future - "AGB-Contest-Rating") (* suspended).
10. "Round tables" are held; summer meeting "AGB-Summer-Meeting", monthly meetings of "Black Coffee" department (* suspended)
11. Our Club callsign EV5AGB and we use it to work during the Days of Activity, various Cultural and Historical dates and Holidays. The
12. The site of our Club - we chose not casually, in memory of our callsign EV5AGB.

Membership in the Club "AGB"

Any amateur radio operator (not just a resident of Belarus) can become a member of AGB. Membership is free and lifelong. When you join, be sure to meet the following conditions:
* be licensed and have an amateur call sign (individual or SWL).
* Be active in the air and in life.
* availability of CFM DXCC (Min 175), or diplomas for Contest - 1..3 place in your country (Min 10), or amateur diplomas, including pennants, tokens, medals and diplomas for Contest (Min 50).
* Ethical relations in the ether and decent in the environment of radio amateurs.
When you join, you fill out a questionnaire with the list of the available: diplomas, contests, the number of CFM DXCC countries available in the ranges (Work / CFM). All documents are sent to the President of AGB - EU1EU. At the introduction, the differentiated approach to consideration of conditions, depending on complexity of achievement of results is carried out.
New AGB-members we prepare the AGB-member certificate in JPG format and send it to the specified email (for free).
For those who sent compensation costs for the production of the diploma by printing and sending it in the amount of 3 cu. (for Belarusian radio amateurs - 2 cu) - his membership diploma made on imported coated cardboard and information on the AGB club is sent out. The
* The list of AGB-members lists (various sorting-indexing options).
* Application page for joining the AGB Club (variants in different languages ??and formats).

LQ - Letter Quality

Each member of the AGB is assigned a permanent membership number and a LQ - Letter Quality. LQ is issued for the performance of certain qualitative conditions in each of the Club's sections (A - Diplomas 'Section, C - Competition Section, D - DX Fans' Section). If the conditions (b) for the Diplomas are met at the entry, then LQ is assigned to "A" if Contest is "C", if DX is "D", if all is "Q".
Since 1997, the "S" - Special has been established. "S" is a differentiated entry into the club of those r / l who have done and are doing quite a lot in amateurism, but for some reason can not claim any of the letters [A, C, D]. These are passionate fans of VHF, and pioneers of digital modes of modulation, and those who linked their p / l life to collective radio stations).
LQ can be changed as a member of the club.

Round Club Tables on the air

Previously, we held Roundtables on air. Since 2008, we periodically hold Meetings at Skype for information exchange and meetings of Teammates. Connect - send messages to Skype EU1EU-OK8EU and Igor EU1EU will connect you.
Round tables for more productive work of AGB:
- on Thursdays at 20:30 local time (21:30 MSK) 3686 + QRM. The
Round tables discuss club news, information about Contest, results, DX-pedition, Mgr, diplomas and, as far as possible, technical consultations. As far as possible, on Thursdays, on 14188 + -QRM - at 19:45 Belarusian (20:45 MSK) traffic for members of the club, for questions and various information. This is a good channel, for those who can not participate in the Round Table on 80 meters. The
As a result of the Round Table, a newsletter is prepared and distributed by subscription to AGBINFO-Bulletin
(* round tables on air temporarily suspended - were conducted from 1993 to 2007).

Plans and Wishes

You can send a letter in the request or question to the address
It can be your suggestions, advice, comments and options for cooperation. The
Now the XXI century and to solve real Tasks and Projects we use not only a mobile phone, but also new Internet messengers - Viber, Telegram, Wire.
For written requests, please attach SASE (paid envelope with your address) and necessarily SAL (an envelope sticker with your address).
Skype: EU1EU-OK8EU
ICQ 47572827
President AGB: Igor (von) Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

Information of AGB-AGI TROPHY-Program

Awards and Trophies of "5/9 BAND DXMAN", include four classes:
1. SILVER ( Confirmed 50 Countries )
2. GOLD ( Confirmed 100 Countries )
3. PLATINUM ( Confirmed 250 Countries )
4. DIAMOND ( Confirmed 330 Countries )

5/9 BAND DXMAN SILVER - for Confirmed (CFM) 50 countries.

5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD - for Confirmed (CFM) 100 countries.
Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD"

5/9 BAND DXMAN PLATINUM - for Confirmed (CFM) 200 countries.

5/9 BAND DXMAN DIAMOND - for Confirmed (CFM) 300 countries.

Information about AGB-TROPHY-Program

Parts of AGB-TROPHY-Program.

I recommend to you to familiarize with our Trophies who are divided into four groups:
1= For Contesters. ( "W-..-C" - Worked in .. Contests )
2= For fans of DXing. ( "C-..-C" - Confirmed .. Countries )
3= For Award & Trophy Hunters. ( "H-..-A" - Have .. Awards )
4= of ... BELARUS...
10cm x 15cm 15cm x 20cm 20cm x 25cm 25cm x 30cm 30cm x 38cm

Worked in 100 Contests

Worked in 250 Contests

Worked in 500 Contests

Worked in 750 Contests

Worked in 1000 Contests

Confirmed 300 Countries

Confirmed 500 Countries

Confirmed 750 Countries

Confirmed 1000 Countries

Confirmed 1500 Countries

Have 100 Awards

Have 300 Awards

Have 500 Awards

Have 750 Awards

Have 1000 Awards
15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm

plus 25 geralds of Belarus

50 geralds of Belarus


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