Membership of the AGB Club - Activity Group of Belarus

AGB is a group of active radio amateurs, not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.
The task of the AGB is to encourage its members to achieve maximum results, by widely publicizing their results in various areas of HF-amateurism and providing them with methodological assistance.
The main activities of the club are: Contest, DX-ing, Award (hunting for diplomas).

Terms of membership in the Club "AGB"

When you join, be sure to meet the following conditions:
* be licensed and have an amateur call sign (individual or SWL).
* availability:
or CFM DXCC (Min 175),
any diplomas for Contest - 1..3 place in your country (Min 10),
or amateur radio diplomas, including pennants, tokens, medals and diplomas for the Contest (Min 50).
* Ethical relations in the ether and decent in the environment of radio amateurs.
When you join, you fill out a questionnaire with the list of the available: diplomas, contests, the number of CFM DXCC countries available in the ranges (Work / CFM). You can specify the total amount in the application and later send the additions to the sections (Awards, DXing, Contesting) before the end of this year.

If YOU want to be at the AGB club, send out a form application form and attach information about your achievements.
You can find the application forms here:

  •    Form Application on ENG [format MS-WORD]

  •    Form Application on RUS [format MS-WORD]

  •    Form Application on Czech [format MS-WORD]

  •    Form Application on ENG [format txt]

  •    Form Application on RUS [format txt]

  •    AGB member-list [Call -> Nr] Sorting-indexing by the prefix of callsigns.

  •    AGB member-list [Nr -> Call] Sorting-indexing by membership number.

  • Any amateur radio operator (not just a resident of Belarus) can become a member of AGB. Membership is free and lifelong.

    All documents are sent AGB president - Igor EU1EU-OK8EU.
    At the introduction, the differentiated approach to consideration of conditions, depending on complexity of achievement of results is carried out.
    There are situations when the radio amateur gives all his strength to the work of the collective radio station and work in competitions by the team-team, while not activating the individual callsign. Or the radio amateur conducts a radio circle and works with schoolchildren and students. Or a variant of a technician counterpart, to which the performance of diplomas or hunting for rare countries or competitions are unreal in some aspects. There are cases when the radio amateur organized a collective radio station in the school, but the school regime does not allow to actively participate in the breeding, to put complex aerials on the roof, do a python, etc.

    Application for joining the Club

    * here is a sample application form for joining the International Club AGB. Forms of questionnaires are given above, in the previous section and you can choose a form convenient for you (text, in MS-WORD format) and in a language convenient for you (English, Russian, Czech).

    Nr_________ LQ__________

    Activity Group of Belarus

    Full Name
    Date of Birth
    Year of first license ______
    Member of: 10X#, QCWA#, HSC#, DIG#, AGCW#, UDXC#

    Mailing address:

    E-mail* Phone*
    Fax* (* if there is)

    I assure you that:
    - I have an amateur license (personal or SWL).
    - I have 175 or more confirmed countries on the DXCC list, or
    - I have 50 diplomas, or
    - I have 10 Contest-diplomas for 1..3 place (World, continent, country).
    - I will inform the AGB club management every year about my achievements in DX-ing, taking part in competitions and getting Diplomas, which will give an opportunity to participate in the Club's ratings.

    Now I have:
    - "A" - Awards
    - "C" - Contest-awards
    - "D" - confirmed DXCC countries
    * Note: A list of available diplomas, diplomas for competitions and the number of countries confirmed by DXCC (range layout) is attached to the application.

    date "____"_____________20____ Signature __________________
    date "____"_____________20____ AGB President /EU1EU

    Explanations on completing the Application

    The data on available diplomas should be written down on a separate sheet, listing the names of only the first 50 diplomas, in your opinion, the most significant for you. After these 50 lines, write how many diplomas you have on the day of writing the data.
    Data on available diplomas and places for competitions you can write out either on a separate sheet, or add to the available data on diplomas.
    Also write down the first 10 competitions, the most significant for you. And also indicate the total number of competitions in which You took part, if you make an account of this data.
    Data on DXing can also be applied as on a separate sheet, and as an attachment to the above. Do not list each country - give the data in the form of a table - the first row (ranges 160, 80, ...), and the second - only the number of confirmed countries by ranges.
    Also, the total number of CFM DXCCs will not be superfluous, and if there is data Mix, CW, Phone, RTTY.
    We use this data in our club AGB-DX-Rating, conducted annually. About prizes and diplomas YOU can read in the relevant sections of our page.

    How to send a Application, get a Membership

    You can send your application by e-mail, or a hard copy by "regular" mail. This allows you to quickly complete the application and clarify the data, as well as get a membership number (there have been cases before AGB competitions) and the right to use the club's logo on your QSL (to date, many QSL manufacturers have our emblem in .WMF format). The
    You can send the questionnaire either by mail to:
    EU1EU Igor Getmann, 143, MINSK-5, 220005
    or by e-mail: E-mail:
    ICQ 47572827

    Membership Award-Sertificate

    There are two options for obtaining a Membership Diploma. The first, when applying for membership in the International Club AGB, You receive a confirmation letter (or rejection) and the Membership Diploma of the AGB Club in JPG / PDF format. It's free. However, if you want to get the Original Membership Diploma of the AGB Club printed in an imprint - then you need to pay compensation costs for manufacturing and forwarding. If you send compensation costs for the production and transfer of the AGB-Member-Club-Award diploma (3-5 $) - (for Belarusian radio amateurs - on request (inflation)), you will receive a congratulatory letter and a diploma AGB-member , made on high-quality coated cardboard and information on the AGB club for the current year.
    The diploma has the size of A4 format, it is made individually, full-color on high-quality cardboard, density 250-300 grams per square meter.

    You can transfer money for the original Paper Membership Diploma of the AGB Club via WebMoney or PayPal:
    Purse in Webmani for Russian Rubles R137765580078
    Wallet in WebMoney for dollars Z272309668083
    Purse in Webmani for Euro, Griven, Belarusian Rubles - on request
    When working with WebMoney - when sending, make a note"for member-award from YOUR-CALL"
    The Account PayPal:

    Contact me (EU1EU) and we'll decide which address you'd better send the packet-parcel with the Award.
    ICQ 47572827
    Skype EU1EU-OK8EU
    President AGB: EU1EU Igor Getmann
    Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

    Membership Card

    Each member of the Club is sent an Membership Card of the AGB Club. The
    The card shows all the membership information.
    * At the moment, the issuance of Membership cards is suspended.

    Information of AGB-AGI TROPHY-Program

    Awards and Trophies of "5/9 BAND DXMAN", include four classes:
    1. SILVER ( Confirmed 50 Countries )
    2. GOLD ( Confirmed 100 Countries )
    3. PLATINUM ( Confirmed 250 Countries )
    4. DIAMOND ( Confirmed 330 Countries )

    Award "5/9 BAND DXMAN SILVER"
    5/9 BAND DXMAN SILVER - for Confirmed (CFM) 50 countries.
    Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN SILVER"

    Award "5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD"
    5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD - for Confirmed (CFM) 100 countries.
    Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD"

    5/9 BAND DXMAN PLATINUM - for Confirmed (CFM) 200 countries.
    Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN PLATINUM"

    Award "5/9 BAND DXMAN DIAMOND"
    5/9 BAND DXMAN DIAMOND - for Confirmed (CFM) 300 countries.
    Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN DIAMOND"

    Information about AGB-TROPHY-Program

    Parts of AGB-TROPHY-Program.

    I recommend to you to familiarize with our Trophies who are divided into four groups:
    1= For Contesters. ( "W-..-C" - Worked in .. Contests )
    2= For fans of DXing. ( "C-..-C" - Confirmed .. Countries )
    3= For Award & Trophy Hunters. ( "H-..-A" - Have .. Awards )
    4= of ... BELARUS...
    10cm x 15cm 15cm x 20cm 20cm x 25cm 25cm x 30cm 30cm x 38cm

    Worked in 100 Contests

    Worked in 250 Contests

    Worked in 500 Contests

    Worked in 750 Contests

    Worked in 1000 Contests

    Confirmed 300 Countries

    Confirmed 500 Countries

    Confirmed 750 Countries

    Confirmed 1000 Countries

    Confirmed 1500 Countries

    Have 100 Awards

    Have 300 Awards

    Have 500 Awards

    Have 750 Awards

    Have 1000 Awards
    15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm

    plus 25 geralds of Belarus

    50 geralds of Belarus

    PX-BELARUS Trophy

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