Club "Activity Group of Belarus" in "Questions and Answers"

AGB club was founded in 1993 and over the years, the main issues identified most often. After reading them, you will surely find answers to many of your questions.
In any case you do not understand, send letters and ask.

How is AGB decrypted?

AGB is the "Activity Group of Belarus".
Also something abbreviated, but easier to remember.

What is AGB?

AGB is a club of amateurs, which has become international for the last years.
To date, the Club has about 480 radio amateurs from 50 countries.

How long does AGB exist?

AGB Club was established in 1993. Prototype of the club in 1985-87. Since 1993 The club exists and works.
The date of creation of the Club is considered to be February 1, 1993.
On this day we try to meet either on air or in Life. Or at least phoned.
At the round table of the Club, following the Date, we are talking about the Club, remember that has already been done and of course we are negotiating new projects.

What activities are supported by AGB?

Initially, we planned about dozens of directions. But already in 1994 identified the main:
- Award hunting - hunting for Diplomas
- Contesting - competitions
- DX-ing
For each of these directions the Club has a corresponding Program.

AGB are only Belarusian radio amateurs or not only?

The fact that the name of the Club has the word "BELARUS" does not mean that this is a Club only for Belarusians or something chauvinistic. No - it shows that the headquarters The club is located in Belarus (today). We specify that this is conditional. For the economic situation in Belarus is complex and it may well happen that Several active amateurs working on the management of the Club may to leave Belarus (temporarily to work, for permanent residence, etc.). Especially since similar precedents and situations have already been. And for the work of the Club in this age of the Internet and communications this will not play an essential role (in world practice there are such situation - for the CIS countries the most vivid - Bois Gnusov UA1DJ-OH5ZZ (AGB # 090) President of the KDR Club and the Russian section of DIG in 2000-2001).
The Club has a lot of radio amateurs from different countries. From Belarus, as a percentage about 20 percent of the members.

What are the Conditions for joining the AGB Club?

When you join, be sure to meet the following conditions:
* be licensed and have an amateur call sign (individual or SWL).
* availability of CFM DXCC (Min 175),
any diplomas for Contest - 1..3 place in your country (Min 10),
or amateur radio diplomas, including pendants, tokens, medals and diplomas for Contest (Min 50).
* Ethical relations in the ether and decent in the environment of radio amateurs.
At the introduction the questionnaire with the appendix of the list is filled: available diplomas, Diplomas for Contests, the number of available CFM DXCC countries by ranges (Work / CFM). All documents are sent to the AGB President - EU1EU. At the introduction, the differentiated approach to consideration of conditions, depending on the complexity of the results.
More fully you can read in the appropriate section.

What are the Admission and Membership Fees of the AGB Club?

The AGB Club does not have Entry and Membership fees. The
Joining the Club is free and lifelong.

Who can I contact to get information on the AGB Club?

Information on the Club can be found on the Internet page
And also the management and representatives of the Club - footnotes on them you will find at the bottom of each page.

I read in the K1BV Award-Book about the diplomas of the AGB Club back in the mid-90's. The
Are diplomas given out now?

Yes, Diplomas are issued.
We have good relations with Ted and his publications have information.
To send applications for diplomas, use the channel with LY8O.

I was told that the Club has representatives in different countries and this simplifies the sending of applications for diplomas and other documents?

Since 1997, the Club has regional representatives, which significantly simplifies procedure for sending applications and coordinating work.
For countries outside the CIS - LY8O, for Belarus - EU1EU. For other countries - please specify by email.

Is it true that the basis for AGB-TROPHY is imported from Germany?

Yes, it is.
The basis - the board ready for the labeling of the label is imported from Germany or Austria.
Igor EU1EU (AGB # 001) does a lot of advertising-promotion and still one by one from the channels bring the foundations for our Trophy-Plaques.

When are AGB Club Round Tables held?

AGB Club Round Tables on the air we actively conducted in the past.
Since 2008, we periodically hold Meetings at Skype for information exchange and meetings of Teammates. Connect - send messages to Skype EU1EU-OK8EU and Igor EU1EU will connect you.

Are there meetings of the AGB Club not only on the air?

Yes, it is necessary.
Every month or at will, we will organize a meeting of our AGB-Black Coffee.
Also in the weeks of the week, by agreement and preliminary call, there are Meetings at the collective station EU1XA (head Igor EU1EU). This is a good opportunity to meet, talk, work on air and drink tea.
Meetings-tea-drinking are also held on Sundays at 11:45 on EU1XA - it is obligatory to call in advance, since possibly work in Contest or other closed events and works.


On the separation of our club - AGB-Black Coffee.
Every month we gather outside the air, in one of the courgettes or cafes, or in the summer cafe in the air and talking about business related to the work of the club, and some ideas, and planned events, and news, and the Internet, and programs and .... Total not count ...
Everyone can come, not only a member of our AGB club, any radio amateur. You can come not only to one. They come with a wife, a friend, children and friends. Therefore, there are many questions and different, there are also many impressions.
Who has been at our meetings at least 3 times, gets a special podstavochku disk under a cup with the original stickers and the membership number of the department "Black Coffee".
Club-Branch "BLACK COFFEE - BLACK COFFEE" has its own symbolism.
The meetings are held by agreement. Location - Central bookshop in Minsk - Prospekt Francis Skaryna - be sure to call first.


On the separation of our club - "AGB-HUNTERS & FISHERS - Hunters and Fishermen". The
Every month we gather outside the air, at the AGB-BLACK COFFEE Club meetings.
Everyone can come, not only a member of our AGB club, any radio amateur. You can come not only to one. They come with a wife, a friend, children and friends. So the questions are many and different. There are also many impressions.
Who has been at our meetings at least 3 times, gets a special podstavochku disk under a cup with the original stickers and the membership number of the department "Black Coffee". The
Club-branch "AGB - HUNTERS & FISHERS - Hunters and Fishermen" has its symbolism. The

I heard that AGB Club is holding several competitions?

Yes, we do it and are glad that every year the number of participants increases.
Annually AGB conducts the following competitions during the year:
AGB-NYSB -NewYearsSnowBalls Contest - January 1 - New Year's Day Night
AGB-NEMIGA Contest - Third Friday of September
AGB-PARTY Contest is the third Friday in December

And what is this NEW YEAR SNOW from the AGB Club?

This is the New Year's Contest, moreover - on New Year's Eve!

AGB-NYSB (New Year's SnowBalls) - CONTEST
or AGB-Christmas in Snowball
January 1 - New Year's Eve - 0000 - 0100 UT

This is the first Contest of every year - take part, then you will understand what is New Year's Snowballs
Do not forget the Crystal Glass with champagne! Perhaps the next New Year Contest You will raise the Prize Crystal Glass (previously we made Prizes namely Crystal Glasses) for these competition.
Waiting for you!

What does NEMIGA mean - the name AGB-NEMIGA-CONTEST?

Nemiga is a river on which there is an ancient part of a city, and mentions of a city Menska in the Chronicles is associated with the Nemiga River. Now the Nemiga River is chained in pipes and it is not visible. Only the place where it flows into the river Svisloch, may notice attentive tourist. The greater part of the river lies under the Nemiga street, named in memory of the River.
To add something Belarusian to the name of the competition, the name was chosen our famous river. When you are in Minsk and you will have a little time, visit the museum of local lore that is on Marx street, or walk along Nemiga street from the theater Operetta with a pleasant square, a fountain, to the Trinity Suburb. These half an hour will give you a little bit of Belarusian experience.

What would you like to know more about AGB?

Send questions, suggestions. Come, we can show you the city, if possible, issue call sign EU/call or EW/call and possibly arrange a little work on the air.

Information of AGB-AGI TROPHY-Program

Awards and Trophies of "5/9 BAND DXMAN", include four classes:
1. SILVER ( Confirmed 50 Countries )
2. GOLD ( Confirmed 100 Countries )
3. PLATINUM ( Confirmed 250 Countries )
4. DIAMOND ( Confirmed 330 Countries )

5/9 BAND DXMAN SILVER - for Confirmed (CFM) 50 countries.

5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD - for Confirmed (CFM) 100 countries.
Trophy "5/9 BAND DXMAN GOLD"

5/9 BAND DXMAN PLATINUM - for Confirmed (CFM) 200 countries.

5/9 BAND DXMAN DIAMOND - for Confirmed (CFM) 300 countries.

Information about AGB-TROPHY-Program

Parts of AGB-TROPHY-Program.

I recommend to you to familiarize with our Trophies who are divided into four groups:
1= For Contesters. ( "W-..-C" - Worked in .. Contests )
2= For fans of DXing. ( "C-..-C" - Confirmed .. Countries )
3= For Award & Trophy Hunters. ( "H-..-A" - Have .. Awards )
4= of ... BELARUS...
10cm x 15cm 15cm x 20cm 20cm x 25cm 25cm x 30cm 30cm x 38cm

Worked in 100 Contests

Worked in 250 Contests

Worked in 500 Contests

Worked in 750 Contests

Worked in 1000 Contests

Confirmed 300 Countries

Confirmed 500 Countries

Confirmed 750 Countries

Confirmed 1000 Countries

Confirmed 1500 Countries

Have 100 Awards

Have 300 Awards

Have 500 Awards

Have 750 Awards

Have 1000 Awards
15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm

plus 25 geralds of Belarus

50 geralds of Belarus


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