of Activity Group of Belarus international amateur radio club

Near Name of award you can see thumbs of AGB-Award. If you click on Thumb - You can See Big pictures of Award 400x330 pixels. (30-50k JPEG file).


Award may be applied by all stations who have had contacts with Byelorussian YL-operators (licensed, SWL, or from club station). You must collect 7 points to apply.

Each QSO with licensed YL operator gives 2 points, with club station operated by YL - 1 point, each SWL-QSL of YL gives 1 point. Contacts on different bands are valid.

Important - on March 8th one can make only 2 QSOs with YLs for YL-BELARUS award.

The list of licensed YL operators and SWLs (ex calls in brackets):

EV1Y (UC2AT) Margarita, EU1YL (UC3AB) Zinaida, EW1YL (UC2ADN, UC2-188-69) Raisa, EW1YT (UC2AHO) Tamara, EU1DD (UC2AIU) Natasha, EU1AY (UC2AY) Tanya, EW1YZ (UC2AIZ, UC2-188-77) Elena, EU1AAM Elena, EU1LY Larisa, EW2NW Nadezda, EW3CE (EW3-005) Elena, EW3BR Lidia, EW3BS Marina, EW3BY Yulia, EU3DZ (UC2LDZ) Marina, EW4AZ (UC2IAZ) Valentina, EU7KT (UC2SKT) Larisa, EU7KV (UC2SKV) Olga, EU7YL (UC2SBQ) Nadezda, EW7SL (UC2SL) Lilia, EW8BK (UC2OGV) Galina, EW8YL Ludmila, UC2-006-163 Tamara, UC2-188-35 Irina, UC2-188-85 Tanija, UC2-188-88 Irina, UC2-188-93 Oksana, UC2-188-121 Tanija, UC2-188-125 Elena, UC2-188-133 Larisa, UC2-188-134 Alla, UC2-188-135 Ludmila, UC2-188-154 Alena, UC2-188-288 Stella, UC2-188-423 Larisa, EU1-012 Irina, EW1-014 Elena, EW1-017 Irina, EW1-022 Olga, EW3-006 Natasha, EW3-015 Tanya

EV1Y (UC2AT) Маргарита, EU1YL (UC3AB) Зинаида, EW1YL (UC2ADN, UC2-188-69) Раиса, EW1YT (UC2AHO) Тамара, EU1DD (UC2AIU) Наташа, EU1AY (UC2AY) Таня, EW1YZ (UC2AIZ, UC2-188-77) Елена, EU1AAM Елена, EU1LY Лариса, EW2NW Надежда, EW3CE (EW3-005) Елена, EW3BR Лидия, EW3BS Марина, EW3BY Юлия, EU3DZ (UC2LDZ) Марина, EW4AZ (UC2IAZ) Валентина, EU6TT Татьяна, EU6YL Елена, EW6GA Галина, EW6GE Наталья, EW6YA Анна, EW6YB Ирина, EW6YF Елена, EW6YI Ирина, EW6YL Наталья, EW6YM Анжела, EW6YZ Галина, EU7KT (UC2SKT) Лариса, EU7KV (UC2SKV) Ольга, EU7YL (UC2SBQ) Надежда, EW7SL (UC2SL) Лилия, EW8BK (UC2OGV) Галина, EW8YL Людмила, UC2-006-163 Тамара, UC2-188-35 Ирина, UC2-188-85 Таня, UC2-188-88 Ирина, UC2-188-93 Оксана, UC2-188-121 Таня, UC2-188-125 Елена, UC2-188-133 Лариса, UC2-188-134 Алла, UC2-188-135 Людмила, UC2-188-154 Алена, UC2-188-288 Стелла, UC2-188-423 Лариса, EU1-012 Ирина, EW1-014 Елена, EW1-017 Ирина, EW1-022 Ольга, EW3-006 Наташа, EW3-015 Таня, EU6NN Нина, EU8MM Нина, EW8-111 Анна, EW8-132 Влада, EW8-133 Катя, EW8-134 Анна, EW8-121 Ирина, EW8-149 Наташа, EW8-154 Марина, EU7MM Марина, EW7BE Ольга, EW7UU Татьяна, EU7EE Светлана.

Old Version 1995 year ...

All Rules for AGB AWARDS

All amateurs radio can have AGB awards (and SWLs also). Your application (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) with confirming of two amateurs radio and fee (10 US$ / 8 EURO) send to AGB Award Application manager
Remigijus Vaicius, LY8O (ex LY2MW), P.O.Box 1029, Vilnius 2000, LITHUANIA

Jaroslav Rossler, OK1BZ, ul.Vetrna 2716/8, CZ 40011, Usti-nad-Labem, Czech Republic

Special for Russia => Your application (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) with confirming of two amateurs radio
Valery Sorokin, RA3LZ, 10, Viazma 215110, Smolensk Region, Russia

You also can receive AGB awards in alternative version. This in electronic form in the PDF format. For this purpose you should issue the application in the GCR format to send to AGB manager. After confirmation of your application you must to make transaction by PayPal - 3 usd for each award. Obtaining alternative awards possibly only via email and transactions only by PayPAl.
If you have any questions - send email for Igor EU1EU-OK8EU ( or )

You can Pay by WebMoney

money order in USD to Z337208268992
money order in EUR to E287053310064
money order in RUB to R999686136671
money order in USD to Z201789360744
with comments "for NAME-AWARD-award from YOUR-CALL"

Russia, Lithuania, Czech Europe, World
For appication of Russia,
DIG-members :

For appication of Europe,
outside Europe :

You can Pay by PayPal

AGB-Classic Awards in USD
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AGB PDF Awards in USD
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AGB-Classic Awards in Euro
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Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award by post.
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

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