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The Award for all stations which have contacted the Belorussian YL-operators (HAM-radio, SWL or working with club stations). In day 8 Martha of 2010 the following is necessary for you:

In our AGB-Club also is YL-members and from the end of 90th years of the last century there is Diploma AGB-YL-BELARUS
This Award in Memorable execution specially for 8 Marth of 2011 it will be possible to execute and receive in the YL-Holiday.
Specially for YL (personal callsigns, operators of collective stations having SWL) and also for the Men-operators, the given Memorable Award will stand out free of charge and in format PDF.
For YL-AGB-members and YL operators of collective stations of club AGB - should be spent not less than 10 QSO.
For YL not being member of AGB club - it is necessary to spend not less than 10 QSO on air in Day 8 Martha and to have not less than 1 QSO with YL-BBELARUS
For Men it is necessary to spend not less than 3 QSO with YL-BBELARUS.
To offset goes QSO and in Contests, spent on March, 8th, and usual daily communications, but only on March, 8th, 2011 - 0000-2400 UTC.
I will repeat that It only for Memorable Diploma AGB-YL-BELARUS-2011 which will have a little excellent design from Base Diploma AGB-YL-BELARUS
Reports and demands (GCR-list) to send or by e-mail (in case of problems use or on the mailing address Igor Getman EU1EU, p.o. 143, Minsk-5, 220005 Belarus

The Award will be dispatched after gathering of all demands and reports (3 month is given). The request to specify yours email for transfer of the Diploma to you.

On March, 8th annually the club spends AGB-YL-PARTY - the round-the-clock action reminding competition. This day you can execute with ease not only a condition of the given awards, but also many awards of AGB-club.

Approximate list YL-BELARUS of operators and SWLs (ex calls in brackets):

EV1Y (UC2AT) Margarita, EU1YL (UC3AB) Zinaida, EW1YL (UC2ADN, UC2-188-69) Raisa, EW1YT (UC2AHO) Tamara, EU1DD (UC2AIU) Natasha, EU1AY (UC2AY) Tania, EW1YZ (UC2AIZ, UC2-188-77) Elena, EU1AAM Elena, EU1LY Larisa, EW2NW Nadezda, EW3CE (EW3-005) Elena, EW3BR Lidia, EW3BS Marina, EW3BY Julia, EU3DZ (UC2LDZ) Marina, EW4AZ (UC2IAZ) Valentina, EU6TT Tania, EU6YL Elena, EW6GA Galina, EW6GE Natasha, EW6YA Anna, EW6YB Irina, EW6YF Elena, EW6YI Irina, EW6YL Natasha, EW6YM Angela, EW6YZ Galina, EU7KT (UC2SKT) Larisa, EU7KV (UC2SKV) Olga, EU7YL (UC2SBQ) Nadezda, EW7SL (UC2SL) Lilija, EW8BK (UC2OGV) Galina, EW8YL Ludmila, UC2-006-163 Tamara, UC2-188-35 Irina, UC2-188-85 Tania, UC2-188-88 Irina, UC2-188-93 Oksana, UC2-188-121 Tania, UC2-188-125 Elena, UC2-188-133 Larisa, UC2-188-134 Alla, UC2-188-135 Ludmila, UC2-188-154 Alena, UC2-188-288 Stella, UC2-188-423 Larisa, EU1-012 Irina, EW1-014 Elena, EW1-017 Irina, EW1-022 Olga, EW3-006 Natasha, EW3-015 Tania, EU6NN Ninna, EU8MM Ninna, EW8-111 Anna, EW8-132 Vlada, EW8-133 Katerina, EW8-134 Anna, EW8-121 Irina, EW8-149 Natasha, EW8-154 Marina, EU7MM Marina, EW7BE Olga, EW7UU Tania, EU7EE Svetlana.

Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award by post.
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

Updated: Март 01, 2011

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