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AGB-Digital-JT-2019 Activity Day

Activity Days AGB-DIGITAL-JT modes 2019
« AGB Digital Day Today»

Created by the AGB club for the popularization of modern JT-modes

In the summer of 2017 (July 2017) we created a Special Graduation Program-series for these new types of modulation - AGB-DIGITAL-JT Series-line (103 awards).

We are sure that on this Activity Day you will be able to score the necessary points for some Awards and get them.

At the end of 2017, we planned to make Days of AGB activity on JT-mods. But This did not happen in circumstances independent of us.
In 2018 we made first AGB-DIGITAL-JT Activity Days on April 18.
Now we continue this tradition - Days of activity on JT-mods. It was on the Day of Amateur Radio (World Amateur Radio Day) on April 18 and April 19. As in the past year, we will not complicate the condition, introduce factors and the territorial division of points. Let's make our day a day of activity. We promise to send Diplomas to all who sent the report and will make at least 10 QSO, and Certificates for those who spent more than 25 QSO on this Day of activity in a specific Entry.
See you! 73!

18-19.04.2019 – all modes – JT65 + FT8 + JT9 + T10 + JS8CALL

00:00 UTC 18.04.2019 – 23:59 UTC 19.04.2019

All HF (including WARC + 5MHz) and VHF (50MHz and higher)

Repeat QSO:
On different bands, and different modes.

• ALL – all bands,
• YOUNG OP – operators up to and including 16 years (at collective stations, but operators only up to 17 years).
• 5MHz – 5MHz bans only
• VHF - 50MHz and higher bands.
You can participate in several categories, but then you must send the Tables with data for each category that you are applying for (otherwise you will only be in the ALL category).

During the day of activity, you should conduct a QSO and then write to the report (in ADIF): With the log send tabular-generalizing data about the QSO in text format:
JT65 = … QSO
FT8 = … QSO
JT9 = … QSO
T10 = … QSO
Total QSO = … QSO

Would you like to send 2 files - one ADIF (YouCall.adi) and second file of tabular-generalizing data (YouCall.txt)
We recommend using the JTDX program, new versions are available at www.jtdx.tech. JTDX and other programs. The list of programs:

JTDX - modes(JT65,JT9,T10)
wsjt-x - modes (FT8,JT65,JT9)

Each QSO is 1 point. The final result is the Sum of points.

All those who sent the LOGs and made a minimum of 25 QSOs in the JT65, FT8, JT9, T10 modes will be issued and sent the corresponding Certificate. After scoring and summing up the results, all the reporters will be written out and sent out. Certificates and Awards in electronic form.

Award for All participants
in the Day of Activity
(minimum 10 QSO)
Certificate for participants
in the Day of Activity
All bands
Certificate for participants
in the Day of Activity
Certificate for participants
in the Day of Activity
5 MHz
Certificate for participants
in the Day of Activity
Young operators

Sending LOGs:
As it was already written - Be sure to send 2 files - one ADIF (YouCall.adi) and second file of tabular-generalizing data (YouCall.txt).
The deadline for sending out the reports is 10 days - until April 28, 2019.
LOGs should be sent to the managers of the days of activity:
Arnis YL3GBC – YL3GBC@mail.ru , Igor EU1EU – EU1EU@mail.ru

Page of AGB club about AGB-DIGITAL-JT-2019 Activity Days (18-19.04.2019)
Questions - Activity day managers:
Arnis YL3GBC – YL3GBC@mail.ru
Igor EU1EU – EU1EU@mail.ru

Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award.
E-mail: eu1eu@mail.ru
URL: http://www.ev5agb.com
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

Updated: July 09, 2011

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