Special award "KDR-AGB-friendship-2012" of international amateur radio club AGB - award rules on english

of Activity Group of Belarus international amateur radio club

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Special memorable Award "KDR-AGB-friendship-2012"

During December 2012 and January 2013 (two month only) you need:
For KDR-members. 3 QSOs with AGB-members.
For AGB-members. 3 QSOs with KDR-members.
For NOT AGB-KDR-members. 3 QSOs with KDR-members + 3 QSOs with AGB-members.
For SWL. 3 HRD with KDR-members + 3 HRD with AGB-members.

Format of this award - PDF (Adobe Acrobat).
Award "KDR-AGB-friendship-2012" is free.
Application deadline - 01.01.2014

Your application (LOG-extract and GCR-list application) send to Igor EU1EU-OK8EU (email eu1eu@mail.ru or eu1euster@gmail.com)

Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award.
E-mail: eu1eu@mail.ru
URL: http://www.ev5agb.com
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

Information about AGB-TROPHY-Program

Parts of AGB-TROPHY-Program.

I recommend to you to familiarize with our Trophies who are divided into four groups:
1= For Contesters. ( "W-..-C" - Worked in .. Contests )
2= For fans of DXing. ( "C-..-C" - Confirmed .. Countries )
3= For Award & Trophy Hunters. ( "H-..-A" - Have .. Awards )
4= of ... BELARUS...
10cm x 15cm 15cm x 20cm 20cm x 25cm 25cm x 30cm 30cm x 38cm

Worked in 100 Contests

Worked in 250 Contests

Worked in 500 Contests

Worked in 750 Contests

Worked in 1000 Contests

Confirmed 300 Countries

Confirmed 500 Countries

Confirmed 750 Countries

Confirmed 1000 Countries

Confirmed 1500 Countries

Have 100 Awards

Have 300 Awards

Have 500 Awards

Have 750 Awards

Have 1000 Awards
15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm 15c x 20cm

plus 25 geralds of Belarus

50 geralds of Belarus


Club AGB and Awards, Trophies

We at the beginning of creation of Club planned creation of the interesting Award Program, and in the long term, and Trophy Program. Thanks to Igor's active and fruitful correspondence of EU1EU and Ebrhard DJ8OT in the early nineties, with Boris OH5ZZ in the late nineties, it was possible to create HAM-Spirit of the Award Program and then Trophy Program who now exist and develop.
For years of existence of AGB Club we gave out thousands Awards and hundreds Trophies. It not only Pleasure of those who has our Trophies, but also Pleasure to us, for our work and creative labour.
Certainly, a lot of things from this that exists now, it would be impossible without support of such known international Clubs of award-trophy hunters, as DIG, KDR, 10-10.

Use AGB-TROPHIES for Show and Presentation
of your Victories and Merits in HAM-radio!

Updated: July 09, 2011

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